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Fitness Retreats for over 40’s and 50’s in Dorset UK

Fitness weekends for people in their 40’s and 50’s are being launched in 2024 at luxury retreat in the South UK. Beginning a consistent exercise routine during your midlife is an ideal time, you have more guilt-free time, more disposable income and a better understanding of what works for you and your lifestyle.

Bookings are now being taken from £1299, see what’s involved in a typical day. Please remember – we don’t actually have any age limitations. Our fitness holidays have a maximum group number of a baker’s dozen; everyone has their own personalised plan that’s unique to their ability and goals.

Your long weekend is hosted in the beautiful Dorset countryside at a luxury country house, with 1,000 acres of beautiful rolling hills to explore and relax amongst. As part of a small group of thirteen individuals, solo travellers will benefit from this select and exclusive experience to meet new friends.

Ask us your questions on 01297 816 170 or send a message to contact the team.

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Personalised Wellbeing Weekends for People of All Fitness Levels and Ages

You and your body are unique, so when it comes to exercise the approach has to be right for you. At Fitagain Retreats we realise the importance of this. Tailoring your journey from start to finish is our aim, beginning with comprehensive health and wellbeing questionnaires before you arrive to look deeper into where you are today, a welcome call to explore this information and start to set personal goals. Discovering your “why” is a great motivator to establishing a manageable path to success. During the retreat, although exercise will be in groups, our trainers are fully briefed on how to adapt things to suit you and your body.

Your 1:1 sessions are scheduled, accessible through your own Fitagain app, to explore your body metrics, helping you understand where you are currently. We will teach you how body weight alone is no insight into your health, whereas analysing body fat percentage and lean muscle mass allows us to see how this is affecting your metabolism.

Extensive notes are taken during your time at the retreat by our personal training team to create tailored programs supporting your fitness journey after you leave us. During the retreat you could add on 1:1 personal training, yoga or massage sessions, creating a package further customised to your needs.

Wellness and Expert-Led Nutrition to Achieve Your Goals

Fitagain are proud to provide you with expertise and experience tried and tested on over 500 clients at our private personal training only gym in Devon.

Delivering a structured and scientific approach to fitness and nutrition, balanced with looking at you as an individual, our expertise guarantees you overcome any barriers stopping you from reaching your full potential. We address the body in a holistic manner, considering any health issues you may have, injuries old and new, even looking at occupation and childbirth. All of these play huge roles in how your body will move, causing muscle imbalances, tension and weakness.

We want to help you create an eating and exercise routine that will stick and become part of your everyday life. Teaching you to set small and achievable goals is essential to this process, and we support that with ongoing personal training through our app for up to 3 months following your departure from the retreat.

Real People, Real Results

This retreat seriously helped me to get a grip on my fitness and make a commitment to my health. Frazzled from juggling work, family and home responsibilities, it was my own self care that went out of the window, with exercise becoming squeezed out of my schedule. The retreat reignited the realisation that exercise actually gives me energy, makes me feel better mentally and physically, and makes me feel more confident about my body.

Sally Learmouth

Invigorated, enthused, clearer in my mind about how & what I can achieve with my fitness & health all in the most stunning & superbly comfortable venue with super tasty, nurturing food. Thank you Fitagain - a great kick start & support for my fitness journey. Cannot recommend strongly enough - superb - thank you 🙏

Nichola B

I haven’t experienced a fitness retreat before, how much fun I would have getting fitter, like minded people, overwhelming support and encouragement from trainers to reach the best of our abilities, great food and beautiful surroundings, I felt relaxed and able to switch off. I would definitely recommend treating yourself to this wonderful experience.

Sharon P

Fitagain is absolutely great, I've never been one for exercise so didn't know what to expect but these guys are just fantastic. I instantly felt comfortable and made to feel very welcome. Andrew who is so passionate and enthusiastic about what they do, Alanah is lovely, also very passionate and focused on getting you fit but making sure you enjoy it too. Highly recommend Fitagain, you won't be disappointed, thank you guys for waking me up to exercise! Keep doing what you are doing because you are brilliant!

Sarah L

Get Fit and Have Fun with A Warm and Encouraging Military Trainer

The Fitagain team is led by Andrew Watkinson, who previously served in the Royal Navy as an aircraft engineer. His meticulous approach towards the mechanics of the body invites a deeper understanding towards how exercise can help overcome many health complaints.

Fitagain Retreats are designed for you to make each step as accessible as possible, you may be working in a group, but your experience is individual to you. Whilst your training at the retreat will be educational, it will also be full of fun. You’ll discover you can do things you never thought possible. Fitagain’s training is enthusiastic and creative, with no blueprint programs here!

Nestled in the beautiful Dorset countryside...

View our award-winning accommodation nestled in 1000 acres of beautiful Dorset farmland with 7 ensuite bedrooms, an indoor pool and beautiful gardens. A very dramatic and inspiring place that will help you relax and fulfill your fitness goals.

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