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Fitagain as a brand was created in 2017 by Andrew Watkinson following his departure from the Royal Navy.

Fitagain is no ordinary personal training business, emerging from an award winning combination of Andrew’s engineering degree, a horrific back injury and a mind that doesn’t rest; the service focuses on delving into your personal health and wellbeing like no other.

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2024 Military-Led Exercise and Experienced Personal Trainer

Fitness Retreat Holidays 2024 Dorset UK

With retirement from the Navy on the cards, his careers office suggested pursuing a new career as a Personal Trainer.

Andrew launched the business as a mobile Personal Trainer, starting out by bringing 1:1 sessions to locals in their own homes. Equipped with a Reebox step, a set of dumbbells and a KO8 suspension trainer, his work had to be creative. Alongside this, he offered classes and bootcamps in any field that was willing to let their space be used.

Anyone who knows Andrew knows he loves to talk and is very social, so it seemed the perfect next step. Andrew completed his Level 3 diploma in personal training with the European Institute of Trainers in 2017 and was ready to begin his new path.

In 2010 Andrew suffered a back injury whilst serving in the Royal Navy, in excruciating pain stopping him from even carrying out simple everyday tasks such as putting your socks on, he developed an insight into how important the health of your body is.

This led to him later completing a specialist Level 4 lower back care course, his vision was to rehabilitate others who have experienced similar pain. If you would like to know more, contact us now.

The concoction of inquisitiveness, compassion and thirst for knowledge has pushed Fitagain to grow from a mobile PT in your kitchen, to a 2,000 sq ft private personal training only gym, now branching out to bespoke retreats.

His alternative approach to exercise and military-style became legendary and soon bootcamps were fully booked.

Although glow-in-the-dark training in a boggy field had its benefits, it wasn’t allowing Andrew to really focus on the passion he had for training clients 1:1 and achieving those real results for them. So in 2019, he moved to a modest room in a community center where he added more kit to his repertoire and began to grow his client base.

Over the years Andrew has developed a unique approach to training each client that walks through his door, starting with exploring your why. There are no flaky answers allowed to this question, this in-depth talk sets you up for real motivation to actually want to work and reach your goal. Body metric analysis, concise health questionnaires, postural checks, and evaluation of mobility, set up a program unique to each individual’s needs.

Over 40’s and 50’s Holidays (But not really)

This attentive approach has meant Andrew has taken on clients ranging in age, from teens to the elderly, those with mental health issues to cancer patients in the rehab stages.

His business really started to create momentum with word of mouth bringing him many clients. One of which was Alanah, who was looking for a Personal Trainer who could work with her 5 year old daughter who has Cerebral Palsy.

To test the waters she took on personal training for herself. Andrew did become Alanah’s daughter’s trainer (and still is 3 years down the line…), but Alanah also brought something to the table for the Fitagain business.

In September 2020 Alanah joined the Fitagain business as an advisor to the growth of Fitagain, alongside managing marketing output. Alanah’s past experience working as a researcher in television, coordinating marketing for SEGA and business management for an upstart business meant she had a variety of knowledge to bring to Fitagain. She was comfortable working with figures and looking for potential growth within the business. Coupling this knowledge, the desire to introduce processes and opportunity with Andrew’s enthusiasm to grow his business was a winning pair.

Alanah also had a compassionate understanding towards the human body and a different way of approaching exercise due to her exposure of her daughter’s condition.

After working closely with Alanah on the needs and requirements for her daughter, Andrew saw great potential in her becoming a Personal Trainer for the business.

In January 2021 Alanah started her level 4 diploma in Personal Training, passing in March.