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Meet The Team

Meet The Team

We are a family founded business with a passion for transforming lives through fitness and healthy lifestyle changes. We listen to you and help you to find your goals as well as providing you with all the tools you need to make them become your reality.

“Fitagain Retreats aims to help our clients take control of their long-term health & fitness.”

Andrew WatkinsonFounder & Owner
Founder & Owner

Andrew Watkinson

Meet Andrew Watkinson-A qualified Master Personal Trainer having trained at the best PT school in Europe. Andrew is a father of 2 girls who you will often meet at the boocamps cheering everyone on. Andrew was inspired to become a Personal Trainer when serving in the Royal Navy and whilst on deployment sustained a lower back injury which led him to be hospitalised. Following this he was put on a top-end Back Rehabilitation Course which allowed his back to recover and saved him from having surgery. The experience made him realise that he wanted to help others learn about themselves and become stronger both physically and mentally. Having served 23 years in the Royal Navy, his experience has helped him within my 2nd career: you will always find that I am punctual and polite, and sessions are always well planned and structured. Andrew’s passion is to get as many people fit in the fasted time possible whilst having fun on the way. Whatever service you book you will have lots of laughs along the way and a lot of the time you won’t even notice you are exercising! Andrew’s strengths are in coaching where he will work with you to find your WHY, your motivation and set goals to achieve your ambitions. He is a highly trained Personal Trainer providing you with excellent service and has specialised in the following areas:

– Level 4 Back Care
– Level 3 Exercise Referral
– Strength and Conditioning
– Fitness and Motivation Coaching
– Ricky Hatton Elite Boxing Coach

Andrew can’t wait to start working with you and help you achieve your goals.

Fitness Retreat Weekends Dorset Alanah
PT & Manager

Alanah Bray

Meet Alanah Bray – Master Personal Trainer at FitAgain! She initially joined as a 1:1 client of Andrews, where she re-discovered her love for weights and saw how personal training can change peoples lives. Her passion for training led Andrew to offer her a position with FitAgain, training her to coach in the unique FitAgain way! Alanah has always led a very active lifestyle, finding time to incorporate fitness between mothering duties, her career, and studying. She has a vibrant and compassionate nature, and wants to see her clients take ownership of their fitness journeys with her supporting their hard work. Alanah helps Andrew push the boundaries of the FitAgain business, and together they want to bring you something inspiring!
– Studied at the best PT school in Europe
– Level 3 Master Personal Trainer
– Fitness and motivation coaching
– Studying – Level 4 cancer rehabilitation
– Studying – Level 3 exercise referral



James is a level 3 Personal Trainer Practitioner and Executive Referral Coach. James rediscovered his love of exercise through Parkrun several years ago and is now a dedicated hobby athlete/endurance runner, competing in distances from 5 and 10k to half marathons. Having made the transition from a sedentary lifestyle to one now rooted in health and fitness and having experienced the psychological and physiological benefits of his transition, it is his desire to pass on his experience to his clients, while encouraging them to forge their own pathway towards a healthier future!

Yoga Teacher Jeni on Dorset fitness retreat
Yoga Teacher


Jeni is an avid yoga practitioner with a true passion for sharing the practice with others. She teaches Vinyasa Flow, Gentle Yoga and Yin Yoga and integrates breathwork, meditation and mindfulness into her classes. She offers a welcoming and inclusive space to learn and always gives options to suit different body types and experience levels. Yoga is a powerful tool for transformation and classes are designed to help students build a strong, flexible body, a peaceful mind and a happy heart. Jeni is registered with Yoga Alliance Professionals, has completed over 500 hours of training and has taught over 1000 classes.