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Andrew Watkinson, now a dedicated personal trainer, once served in the Royal Navy. His style is military-inspired, yet he’s a warm and truly encouraging character.

You’ll get to know him over your weekend stay in luxury, as he guides every group member individually over the period of your stay.

Wellness weekends in the South of the UK, enjoy superior accommodation and an exclusive vegetarian menu created for optimal nutrition.

You and your body are unique, so when it comes to exercise the approach has to be right for you. At Fitagain Retreats we realise the importance of this. Tailoring your journey from start to finish is our aim, beginning with comprehensive health and wellbeing questionnaires before you arrive to look deeper into where you are today.

Book now for 2024, from £1299 for an all-inclusive luxury fitness weekend, with a maximum of thirteen guests and two trainers on-site 24/7 together with the group.

Fitness Goals Unique to you – What’s involved?

Three weeks prior to your arrival we will arrange a welcome call to explore this information and start to set personal goals. Discovering your “why” is a great motivator to establishing a manageable path to success. During the retreat, although exercise will be in groups, our trainers are fully briefed on how to adapt things to suit you and your body.

Back in 2010, following debilitating back health, Andrew later completed a specialist Level 4 lower back care course, if you feel you’d like to know more, contact us now.

Andrew is a personal trainer

Andrew trialled his weekend fitness retreats with his regular clientele. Word of mouth is always the best advertising, soon each healthy holiday was booked out in advance. This is why we are offering 2024 tickets on sale now, remember the capacity of the luxury stay is limited to 13 guests.

First Day With New Friends

On arrival 1:1 sessions are scheduled, accessible through your own Fitagain app, to explore your body metrics, helping you understand where you are currently. We will teach you how body weight alone is no insight into your health, whereas analysing body fat percentage and lean muscle mass allows us to see how this is affecting your metabolism.

Extensive notes are taken during your time at the retreat by our personal training team to create tailored programs supporting your fitness journey after you leave us. During the retreat you have the opportunity to add on 1:1 personal training, yoga or massage sessions, creating a package further customised to your needs.

Fitagain Retreats – A Personal and Professional Duo

In September 2020, Alanah joined the Fitagain team as an adviser, contributing to the company’s expansion while overseeing the marketing efforts. Alanah’s previous experience with a start up enterprise empowering her with a wealth of knowledge that proved invaluable to Fitagain. She was adept at analysing financial data and identifying potential areas for growth within the business. By combining her keen understanding of process implementation and opportunity with Andrew’s fervent ambition to develop his business, they formed a formidable duo.

Enjoy a meat free nutritious menu